The Wanted - We Own The Night (The Chainsmokers Remix)


Alex & Drew sent me this track on Monday and since I was on a long weekend escapade I'm late to post this banger. During this time in between the guys at Salacious Sound read my mind in 2 of their 3 reasons why they keep coming back to The Chainsmokers material, and I quote:

  1.  "Despite a hectic tour schedule they still find time to send disturbing, hilarious personal emails… whether they have new tracks or not."
  2. "They continuously turn a genre that I publicly loathe into something that I can confidently share with my friends, lovers, and everyone unfortunate enough to not fall in either of those categories."

This cannot resonate more with me. I've come to loathe Progressive House, a genre that I loved so much and couldn't be more addicted to. Sadly, the rise of EDM as we know it has prostituted the genre to the point that not a single song can sound less than a formulaic four to the floor at 128BPM that mixes itself almost automatically. Here's where The Chainsmokers are doing their thing. Their subtleties, influences, genre-bending ingredients keep making their prog house remixes as fresh dance tunes that we can all enjoy. 

Please purchase this remix and support our dear friends The Chainsmokers.