Holy Ghost! - Okay

hg artwork.png

I know I always come through with #TBTs but I can't hold it in anymore. For some odd reason I didn't post this song last Friday (a day in advance to their performance at Black Is Back here in the DR). To make matters worse, I couldn't make it so I don't even know if they sang this one. I had the pleasure to fund and host their debut as a live act here in Santo Domingo a couple years ago through the brand I managed. This song evokes such a strong throwback feeling on me that it plays the part perfectly for this post. So catchy, radio material for sure.  They have always been perfectionists with their sound, you can see this the first time you experience their live set, but I can safely say that their sound feels more mature and polished.

Their new album Dynamics comes out Sept. 10 and after I heard this I seriously can't wait for that arrival.

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