Moullinex - To Be Clear (Zimmer Remix)

I had the pleasure of meeting Baptiste (Zimmer's real name) last time he was here and we have managed to keep a friendship ever since. My affection for his work started long before that with his first works and my support on the blog. 

Three days ago he released via a MixMag premiere his remix for Moullinex's To Be Clear and it is everything you would expect from a Zimmer track except that it veers some more toward the nu disco, pop'ish side. 

Baptiste is not your average producer that outputs a new track on a weekly basis, in fact, he confessed producing one work is something that takes him time and he gives it time to come out naturally. He said that he plans on spending more studio time on a monthly basis, frankly, I'm ok with him not putting out that much stuff as fast. Because when he does but something out, this is what you get. And we're loving it.

The song's out on Discotexas and it's worth every penny.