Unicorns of Jan. 15 2014

This is the third post of an ongoing series of songs that you might think you've heard before —and maybe you have— but chances are you haven't. Check out the first post and second one for more details and some other awesome rare tracks. 

First off is HLM's Snowflakes. An original by a producer who last year made us dance a shitload with his remix of Daft Punk's Make Love. We covered that here.

Next we have Salt Ashes the monicker of emerging 22-year-old singer Veiga Sanchez which has this single (her first) forthcoming on Radikal Records this month. We expect great things from this girl. The production has a bit of many things we like and her vocals soar in it. A commanding kick a bass line start this track and when she croons, she shines.

Veiga Sanchez's voice is organic enough for us to feel the emotion behind a voice we don't know. Until now.

We're fans of Florian Paetzold. Evidence is our past coverage of his stuff. I had never heard of Masquer but thanks to Florian I can't stop replaying it.

Here's something that's not new but is Deep House awesomeness. Out of my secret stash. It's been out for a while but couldn't find it on HM.