PREMIERE: Dex Morrison - Dreaming (Extended Vocal Mix)

WORLD PREMIERE: Dex Morrison - Dreaming (Extended Vocal Mix)

First of all, a disclaimer: For the greater part of 2013 I have been mentoring and managing a fresh new (and unknown) talent born in the Dominican Republic. A 19-year-old with great ambition, an amazing talent and extremely fine taste. His level of professionalism in unlike anything I have seen at his age for someone in the music industry. Born Rafael Oviedo uses the Dex Morrison alias to channel his creative juices towards something special. You see, the first material he showed me and upon hearing I immediately knew I wanted to work with him, had this Cinematic, Orchestral feel to it. After explaining to Rafael how much I had grown to dislike the formulaic progressive house been put out there, we both agreed on the fact and decided to test the waters with a new approach to progressive house. A sound that doesn't recycle the same chord progressions everyone else on the Top40 is using, one that is emotional and uplifting yet works on the dance floor. 

Dreaming is the first of 12 monthly releases slated for 2014 which were crafted during 2013 and have matured the perfect time to see the light of day. Dex Morrison's music tells stories in each song he produces and what better way to start the story of his artistic life than one that starts with a dream. 

There's nothing more that we would like than your comments on his sound on the comments sections here or on his Soundcloud. You can follow him on Facebook here.