We're back!

First of all, happy new year! I apologize for the lack of posts since last month but I took a well deserved vacation over the holidays. This year we're going to try some different things and see which stick to your liking in the way our content is delivered. Let me know what you do like and we'll take it from there. I also commit to posting a lot more than our habits of this 2013.

Rambles aside, here's the meat of this week:

We'll start things off on this new year by going back exactly 20 years to 1994 with this remix by Blonde of Corona's hit single Rhythm Of The Night.

Last month we also closed the year with Lenno's Late Night Rework of his track with Zak Waters titled Show More Love.

Pretty Pink made an edit of the Daughter cover of Daft Punk's original Get Lucky. Confusing? Perhaps. Groovy? Hell yeah. Speaking of DP, don't miss their confirmed performance later this month at the GRAMMYs with Stevie Wonder on CBS. Mind you this is the 2014 version as Pretty Pink had published a 2013 version (which is the one I owned). I'm including both because I like more the 2013 one but pick and choose as you like.

From my exclusive and secret stash of tracks I have that not even I know crap about who made them or anything, I bring you a Nu Disco remix of Nadia Ali's Rapture. I hope that suffices as I don't know anything else about it. I dare you to Google this track—I couldn't find anything on it. Ok, I just realized it's not even on SC so I had to upload it. Download your copy here.

To close off this post we'll end it with the awesome brand new release by D.S.F called Clown, which is a summer rework of Emily Sandé's original. So sexy.