Disclosure - Help Me Lose My Mind (SOHN Remix)

After working with artists like Banks and putting out quality fresh productions consistently SOHN has become a household name. This remix of Disclosure's already great original single off their album Settle is special in many ways.

It starts as naked as we come to this world. It builds up with organs, strings, chopped vocals and intricate layers among syncopated beats. And it continues to do so until a climax of sounds that's not short or long but just the right amount of pleasure a sonic orgasm deserves. All in all this remix begs to be replayed not because of it catchiness (though it is) but because every time we listen to it we discover a new sound element in it—and that, is very rewarding. Here at Yaqui.co we value producers who put in hard work on their material and we glorify those skilled craftsmen of sound who manage to make a song with such few elements sound so complex and intriguing. 

This remix is our official Selection for the week of Jan 6, 2014.