World Premiere: Breakout x Zedd - Baby I'll Find You (A.E.M Remix)

World Premiere

Here is the first listen to A.E.M's latest work. Here's what he did: He took an instrumental remix he made of Breakbot's Baby I'm Yours with a guitar solo embedded, then he took Matthew Koma's vocals from Zedd's I'll Find You and cooked one of the most enticing and slow burning tropical cocktails I've tasted in months. Since he did a great job describing how it came about and how it is best served, I leave you with his thoughts:


Went to the beach the other day. Laid on a chaise-lounge under a palm tree and suddenly I started hearing these two songs in my head, but they were way slower than usual. And it made me feel good. And I hope it makes you feel the same way — and perhaps take you to this place even if it's for only 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

On how he thinks it is best enjoyed?: "Instructions are easy.. Go to a beach, hit play and lay down and chill."