While I was gone

I owe you guys so much. Please excuse my absence and also the technical glitch today. Here's my make up post. 

Props to YMR for spotting this one. Thero remixes Sammy's famous take on the Bryan Adams classic. I got down to this one back in the 00's and I'm soaking up the sun to this remix in 2014. 

By now you know how big of a fan we are of the work of Borche and his Deep House iterations of classics. This is the new one and we love it just as much as the previous ones.

Since it is owning the charts right now, probably you already heard the excellent take Gryffin and Hotel Garuda put out on BANKS' already awesome single. What you will love most about it is definitely how deep yet upbeat they manage to keep this one grooving.

Mayer Hawthorne not only covered Rihanna but he funked the shit out of it. Proof below.

The Goldfish struck gold on this remix. A deep rooted personality and a panache that would make a model on Fashion Week feel like crap.

I'm not fond of trap or trappy music but what MUTO did to this JT classic is nothing short of great. His creativity highlights the original's best parts yet imprints all around his modern take on it. Truly makes us look forward to what's to come in the future for this producer.

I'm very wary of the Tropical House stuff I support here. We were one of the first blogs out there to support the early artists and the rise of the sub genre but lately many producers are going for the simplistic, formulaic approach to it and that is exactly what we're trying to run away from. So you can imagine how happy I was when I heard Thomas Jack's take on MYNGA's hit.

You remember that Drive movie with the kickass soundtrack? Well Zane Lowe decided to put out his take on the album by redoing it with modern/fresh bands. You be the judge of it but if this CHVRCHES take on Get Away is any indication, the album should be quite good. 

As a faithful and consistent supporter of Addal's work, this post would not be complete if I didn't include his latest work. It is a remix of Sleeping At Last's cover of Total Eclipse Of The Heart. The strings, the melodies and the kick should seriously do it for you.