Midweek Selection

This is our mid-week selection of songs you need to hear ASAP.

Basic Tape flipped the much remixed Odesza tune into a tropical cocktail with the french magic touch. This one hangs outside the crowd of similar remixes out there.

There are few albums I am expecting more than Mary's The London Sessions in 2014. This is one of the unreleased songs I can't get enough of. Even if it was released a month ago on Soundcloud. She's at her best, so is the production and the composition. This song is what we call an instant classic. Timeless.

Bit Catchy is back with a sticky remix of The Fray's Love Don't Die. Before you hit play, know that you will be singing this one for days. You've been warned.

When we released this morning's edition of Songs You Know In Ways You've Never Heard Vol. VI we left out 2 songs, here they are. The first one is Kevin Kapaj's remix of Rapture. I have been waiting for him to release this song for over a month. He finally did more than two weeks ago and I missed his email :( Do not fret, not only is it here for your listening pleasure but it is a free download too. Double whammy! While Kevin is an unknown name to the world, mark our introduction here as the moment when you should start paying attention to him because it's a matter of time before he becomes a household name.

The second song we missed in the group is Show Clothes' remix of Estelle's American Boy -- truly a song we know in a way we've never heard. Until now, and thanks to Eau Claire for putting it on our radar.

Rémi Caumont's take on Need U is so different from anything we've heard before within the plethora of remixes that came out for that mega hit. It took us by surprise and begged to be repeated over and over again. 

Possibly Zella Day's release with the most personality and sticky as fuck lyrics. This was made for the radio and bathroom shower soundtracks alike around the world. We can't get enough of it.

From the first second and for the remaining 225, NZCA LINES' New Atmosphere looks you in the eyes and doesn't blink for the duration of the personal-feeling conversation. An encounter remembered by this song is rarely forgotten.

Sam Feldt became a household name, Kav Verhouzer is on his way. Hot Skin is a destined-for-radio evidence that the Tropical House subgenre is going mainstream. If you live in the Dominican Republic you can listen to this one starting tomorrow on rotation at Be99.7FM courtesy of us ;)