Discovery: Meet Hartago and his Celestial House

His Story, Music and the Birth Of A New Sub-Genre

I have a confession to make: I have been wanting to introduce you to Hartago for months now yet I sat on all this for all that time. Shame on me, I know. 

But why should you meet this artist? What makes his music so special? Allow me to explain. 

In all the noise and buzz around Chill House here comes Hartago with —something I'm calling— Celestial House. It is like a mixture of balearic house meets some oriental influences with just a twist of the tropics. If you are wondering where he comes from, well, duh, Norway—the endless fountain of kickass producers.

We're extremely proud to introduce the world to his sounds. Sit back and enjoy this ride. We promise it is a unique one.

Like an intro to his mixtape here's a remix with Eastpak that is great example of the style I told you about above.

This Shyer rendition is his latest remix and very much along the lines of the Ellie one. It rushes nothing and times every sound to a harmonic bliss. Chill your soul to this one.

For some reason this is one of my favourite works of his. It is unapologetically simple and the bridge is somewhat orgasmic. I won't tell you the time mark when it comes in, I wouldn't ruin the surprise. I'll tell you this, it feels like the sun is about to rise.

Of course, not all is chill in the house of Hartago. Here's a piece that is a bit more upbeat. His take on Robin Thicke's Get Her Back.