Katy Perry - California Gurls (Matt DiMona Remix)

“One of the things I want to accomplish with my music is finding the balance between irresistibly catchy, sing-along pop and pretty, emotional music. Remixing Katy Perry’s 'California Gurls' was a great challenge because it was a massive radio hit with relatively little emotional depth (let’s be real Katy - you shot whipped cream out of your bra in the music video). With the addition of a melancholy (but ultimately cathartic) piano line, I tried to turn the song into something of a feel good love song about California and some of the beautiful girls I’ve met since I moved here.” - Matt DiMona

Los Angeles is home to many brilliant producers, and it seems Matt DiMona is another one to add the City of Angel's genius. I was really happy to read that quote from Matt about his new "California Gurls" remix, because he said in his own words exactly how I felt about it. He gave the tune some real heart. Listen.