Premiere: Galantis - Runaway (Taylor Wise Remix)


When we heard the snippet for this remix we immediately contacted Taylor about its release date. It only took less than a couple of minutes for us to fall in love with it. It is sticky and sweet but not so much as to give you cavities. It is the right amount of good vibes and sunscreen for a day at the beach that will leave you tanned in a sexy shade, not like you got out of a tanning bed overcooked. 

You might remember Taylor Wise from his previous monicker T&A Brigade which made himself known in blogs and charts alike with his work. 

Some ingredients used might sound like others you've heard in tropical house songs. But the differentiating factor is in the details. From the arrangement, the careful toning down of the excessive sweetness of the original yet maintaining its essence and how the way he spaces things out makes the song a journey of discoveries instead of a repeating one.