Liz – Don't Say (feat. Tyga) [Beshken Remix]

Santa Monica native Beshken came through today with a remix that I think definitely fits the Yaqui "future classic" sound we strive for. This one starts out airy and atmospheric, slow, and moves forward with triumphant drums underneath Liz and Tyga's vocals before dropping into a smooth, grinding house jam. Beshken says of his remix...

“I actually received the Liz acapella from PJ (Promnite) this summer during a post-production recording class in Hollywood. It was a song that he produced with Mike Parvizi of Penthouse Penthouse and Djemba Djemba, and I decided to flip it into a more house/dance oriented track while still preserving the bassy and upbeat vibe of the original. The idea started off with just a simple guitar recording that I did, and sort of transformed into a more complex dance beat with some elements of trap and downtempo styles.”

Listen below.