O U F - Your Life

Today, swedish outfit O U F (Our Underground Firm) sent us their second release and we were hooked from the first 4 seconds. Immediately it sounded like something different from the usual, an interestingly rich production that I believe opens up to the appeal of listeners with a good ear that not necessarily tend to listen to hip hop. And there it was, we came to the conclusion that the duo of Isolas (on the production) and Compulsive (on the rapping) is Hip Hop for people who don't like Hip Hop.

Asking Isolas about his influences is like getting a description of many of the main ingredients inside this remix: Hans Zimmer, Massive Attack, Arca and his most influential genre being trip-hop. If you appreciate any of those big names, you will enjoy hitting play below.

We don't feature much Hip Hop in this blog. Unless it sounds like this.