Remix Of The Week: Wunder Wunder - Midnight Hours (Zimmer Remix)

In a phrase, I find this song amazing. While some might consider I am late to post this, I will agree as Zimmer sent it to me the moment he released it. But like I told him, I wanted to take my time to do a heartfelt write up because the work deserves it.

With every track Baptiste puts out I am more convinced that his way of taking the time between one production and another is the best thing to do — proof is the attention to detail and quality of his work, enter the remix in question.

I can almost feel time stopping for a brief moment and then pacing to heartbeats on that breakdown.

And the warm-water sea wave behind it? Magical indeed. Midnight Hours, in its original form, is a great song. This remix is what, ladies and gents, we call an instant classic that will sound just as heart-stoppingly fresh in 5 years. 

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