Mumford & Sons - Where Are You Now (Mark Chill Remix)

The tropical house movement is really unlike any other genre movement underneath the massive umbrella that people call "EDM". Sure, like deep house with Zhu, and trap with Flosstradamus, and moombahton with Dillon Francis before either of those, tropical house has its pioneers like Kygo. But what's different about this genre movement is that it's not nearly as "hype", for lack of a better word. There isn't an overwhelming amount of upcoming producers trying to hop on the tropical house hype game like there has been with deep house and the rest of the genre movements. No, it honestly seems that the producers that are tapping into these tropical sounds have a genuine love for the sound itself. It's not just about being a part of what seems to be popular.

One of these producers is Mark Chill, who recently let loose what is only his second release: a gorgeous, well-thought out remix of Mumford & Son's lesser-known "Where Are You Now". He says, "The message behind that song is so real; adaptable to most everyone. Who doesn't think of a lover from the past once in a while and wonder when, how often, or even if you ever cross their minds at all?" Mark's version is a little more happy, less serious and, well...more chill than the original. He's definitely one to watch as the tropical house sounds continue to grow. Enjoy the stream and a free download of this one below.