Kimbra - Miracle (ROOM8 Remix)

If you love the sounds of 70s and 80s electronic music or simply wish you were a part of that time period, you’ve probably already familiarized yourself with Chromeo, Cut Copy, Kavinsky, and every retro synthpop and new age indie electronic band in between. If not, let us be the first ones to tell you that retro/analog sounds from 30+ years ago are back and creating the sound of the future. If you’re hesitant to believe us, grab a listen to ROOM8's latest. The LA-based duo made up of Ezra Reich and Nic Johns are reinventing the sound with a fusion of electronic pop, modern dance music, and true soundtrack fundamentals. Their latest release, a remix of Kimbra’s “Miracle”, is a perfect way to showcase their nostalgic yet futuristic sound. Enjoy it below.