How's this for a #TBT?

Here's our selection for this special #TBT in which some of us celebrate Thanksgiving. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank YOU who are reading this from myself, Robbie and the rest of the team that makes possible. The fact that you come in here and read this is our fuel to keep trying to find the time to bring you some of the freshest music on earth.

We start with Matvey Emerson's deep house take on a classic, his steady bassline and choice of arrangement makes it stand out from the rest.

I'm very wary of Chris Isaak remixes after I heard James Vincent McMorrow's take on it. But Sonny Alven's rendition deserves a nod for the use of tropical elements with a guitar, a piano, some hand claps yet giving it the right space to breathe and not stink of Coppertone.

The original is a song you hate to love. And while this one borders on the almost-too-tropical for my taste, it wins in the revival of a song with its flute and chants and stuff. I tried to go all anti-establishment on it and hate it, but I couldn't. Good luck getting this melody out of your head.

Taylor Wise switched monickers recently and it was only then that we discovered him. We featured a couple of new tracks by him some weeks ago. And now we're resurfacing this one. This one is extremely tropical — FYI.

Everyone heard this one some weeks ago when it came out yet I never got a chance to feature it. It fits the post to perfection.

Hip Hop anyone? Get down to this XO remix of the über famous Loyal.