Bipolar Sunshine - Daydreamer (Gryffin Remix)

Dan Griffith has become one of our biggest obsessions throughout this 2014. While he is no newbie, his Gryffin alias —relatively speaking— is. In the different reviews we've published we have told you the different reasons why he wins every time he puts out a new piece. It is unmistakably his own sound (you can tell a Gryffin track even if you don't know anything about it) yet he manages to always keep it fresh. That's why on this remix for Bipolar Sunshine we will tell you about his desires to take us, the listeners, on a journey far far away using as low riders the smooth guitar lines that complement to harmonious perfection the atmospheric and dance-y beat and synth work. 

This is an official remix and this is as legit as it gets.