World Premiere: Celeste Stoney - My Kinda Crazy (Mas Tropical Remix)

World Debut

Today we bring you Mas Tropical's latest work, an official remix for Celeste Stoney's single My Kinda Crazy. The reason we chose to premiere this song comes from what's behind it and what makes it unique to our ears. 

While most Tropical House tunes coming out these days are quite formulaic, we fell in love with the way Pierre (the californian behind the Mas Tropical monicker) brought rich —yet not overpowering— influences of salsa, southern african and Caribbean rhythms making it a song that anyone from your grandmother to a toddler can dance to. MT's trademark is that reggae-type chords, and when you pair it up with those afro-caribbean instrumentations with an extra layer of funky guitar recorded on top of it by Soundbridge's Arjen Jager, it's a perfect tropical concoction.

If Pink ever sang salsa, she would sound like Celeste Stoney in this remix—as rockin' cool as she has always been.

After selling out The House Of Blues twice and gaining traction in the media, it's no wonder why platinum-selling grammy-winning writer Celeste chose to commission this official remix to Mr. Mas Tropical.

We believe pushing the envelope, even if just a bit, is the way to move the genre forward. This unapologetically easy listening and danceable remix is Mas Tropical's part in this quest. Until the next time.