The Sonic Unicorns of Mid Christmas 2014


Here are this week's selection of Unicorns: or those songs you could swear you've heard before but you haven't. Until now.

Lets start off with a man who deserves his own post but I'm so pressed for time that I haven't gotten around to it. Suprafive (Simeon Minev) is the next Cyril Hahn. Actually, I just wrote that because he uses the same pitched-down vocal thing CH did when he broke out. That said, I feel the same way about his approach to music as I did when I first heard a CH remix. Weeks ago I heard the How You Love Me and thanks to him, I now love I song I used to hate. Enjoy this bulgarian's work.

Now meet Conrad, who goes by the name of Dusta on the interwebs. You see, I've been a fan of his for the last 4 months yet I've held out on writing about his music. That ends today. Check out these killer remixes for songs you've heard one-too-many times. 

Check out Jordan F's funky tropical electro take on KLP's Medicine.

I don't know how but, somehow, in the end, Nico Pusch pulled it off on this one.

On February 3rd, 2013 we introduced the world to the sounds of Hernan Dos Santos aka D.S.F. Nowadays, I think of him as the Zimmer of South America -- they don't put out things on a weekly or monthly basis, but when they do, it sounds like this. 

Le Flex's take on Azealia Banks' Chasing Time give the original a run for its money and wins itself to the beach and back. Somehow it sounds like it was made for today but could have been produced 5, 10 years ago or that it will not be produced for the next 5 years. It's that timeless. Best part about it? It doesn't sound like Azealia Banks. Groove out my friends.

Steph Seroussi teamed up with Luck Daniel to concoct a mega funked out version of Flaunt's Have I Made My Point. It sounds great.

Cantisano (A.E.M's other persona) is back and he does it with a dub of Marvin Gaye's Grapevine that begs to be played in a deep house underground dance floor. Cool DJs of the world, enjoy.

Never thought I'd see the day where Redfoo would get the tropical house stab. Props to LYAR. Somehow the first time I heard this I didn't pay attention 'cause I'm so digging it the second time around.