Meet Fabriqu3 en France


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Meet Fabriqu3 en France. I don't know how to explain his treatment of songs we all know but it's got something.

For example, in this Lorde remix —perhaps on purpose, or not— there's a dirty noisey effect behind and a lead guitar does the main job going into it. And then it comes in with the trap and dubstep-y big guns with a harmonious soothing melody behind. The opposing styles play well together.

And then there's stuff like this Stromae remix. With its funk, subtle sax, percussions and other elements you've heard tirelessly yet not this way.

A bit more along the lines of what you might have been hearing lately is this Dillon remix. The arp and the guitar somehow give the song an air of freshness with an easy-listening feel to it.

Aside from the fact that he's fron pont-audemer in France, I don't know anything else about this producer but I will keep an eye and an ear out for what's next.