KIWI TIME - If I Can feat. Sir. Mix-a-lot

Sir. Mix-a-lot is back! Can you believe it? Neither can we but he is. 

SF-based rising indie-pop group Kiwi Time have recently partnered up with legendary hip-hop artist/producer Sir Mix A Lot. The track, “If I Can,” featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot is a catchy pop anthem, with a special EDM flavored twist, that is sure to win over fans of both artists. Sir Mix-A-Lot lays down his stellar verse in trademark fashion: “The perfect ride is the perfect high, you should see the world through my eyes.” The all-star collaboration comes at a time when Belarusian natives Kiwi Time are seeing their stock rise, and the rapper is enjoying a healthy rebirth via Nicki Minaj’s sampling of “Baby Got Back” from the Mix’s platinum-certified 1992 album, Mack Daddy.

S/O to @miguelpz for putting this one on our radar.