Meet 4i

Yaqui sent me this one personally the other day, saying it was right up my alley. He was absolutely right. Your boy loves that soulful hip-hop, and that's exactly what London's 4i has to offer. And so being that this is my first time doing a Discovery post, let me share what I've learned about this particular rapper. 

On June 19th 2014, 4i released the first single to his second mixtape, 'Soul Rich'. The sublime video for the titular track includes a clip from one of the biggest ground ambassadors of freeness, love and positivity the world has ever known...Bob Marley. "Soul Rich" is a song about its title to simply put it. Being soulfully endowed, casting away the need for material possessions to define ones wealth. The conscious under tone yet melodic skilful delivery compels a beautiful balance of feel good, empowering conscious music. 

The 'Soul Rich' mixtape has arrived now, and is streaming in full at 4i's SoundCloud. Below are some of my favorite tracks off this incredibly good underground release. Let us know if you guys are feeling 4i and his vibrations. :)

"Not every rapper is a gang banger from a bad manor with a bad manner rocking bandannas and listens to Santana..." - 4i