Instant Classic: Fran - We Are Planets (Oliver Koletzki Remix)

This is my Christmas gift to you. This is one of Oliver Koletzki's masterpieces. It is perfect on every aspect, from production to composition and the vocal delivery by Fran is just flawless. I must admit I stole it from room4space's live set a week ago here in the Dominican Republic. It has stopping power. From the moment it starts it will elicit questions of who, how, what, hot damn! How this remix has eluded the radar of the almost 900 blogs indexed on Hype Machine, I don't know. 

The bridge, the hook, the "drop", everything about this song is endearingly addictive. We believe this remix sees Oliver Koletzki at the top of his game and a piece that showcases the amazing things he is capable of doing to a good song and taking it to another level. 

Before you press play, please turn up the volume on your speakers.