Pink Feathers ft. Spencer Ludwig - Can't Cry These Tears

Earlier this month, Pink Feathers (aka Liz Anjos) shared her debut four-track EP 'Invisible Lines' following a whirlwind year performing alongside RAC. Both Portland, Oregon based artists have been constant collaborators, most recently on the Hype Machine topping cover of The Cranberries' iconic track "Dreams".

To celebrate a great year and as a look forward to 2015, Pink Feathers revealed a new track "Can't Cry These Tears", a cover of a Garbage track by the same title, featuring Spencer Ludwig of Capital Cities.

"Spencer and I met earlier this year at SXSW when he guest-trumpeted at the RAC live show at Hype Hotel. Since then we've shared the stage several more times and became friends. He has a brilliant style and his energy is contagious." - Pink Feathers

Listen to both of these excellent covers below.