Things we lost in the fire


Or in the blogosphere. Or in someone's iPod. Whatever. Here's more of what I've been listening to lately.

Alex Clare's already excellent Too Close gets the NHYX treatment with more piano and guitar riffs than his usual sax-infused house—and we're not complaining. I never thought that someone could chop emotive vocals without loosing the strength of the original.

Jérémy Souillart & Axel Brethes, the duo behind Møme are from a place in France with which I've had a 6-year affair every summer: Nice. I'd never heard of Møme before but will keep an eye on them. Here's the type of almost-experimental electronique musique they're doing. 

Deep House with character is the perfect definition for this TACHES release. It's not the first time we post their material and it won't be the last. Press play to know why.

WKND tells the story behind this cover: He says he was tossing and turning in bed so he decided to plug in the piano and this song came out. He believes it has its flaws. We say: here's to more sleepless nights for WKND. Sorry man.

Kungs comes from a land that brought us the crop of young producers pushing the wave of sax house that we have been talking about here at for over a year. We're glad Kungs is here and we hope it's to stay. 

I'm also posting his recent remix of Stromae's Papaoutai. A song I have been secretly loving since last year. I say secret because I don't even own it but I've listened to it countless times and have only kept it in a private Spotify playlist. I know. Lets thank fellow frenchman Kungs for giving me a reason to post about it. Well, a remix of it.

I'm a sucker for naked vocal bridges that manage to pull it off after the bridge ends and Löwenherz does it with ease. Check it out.