Start your week fresh with this sonic cocktail


The first track was purposely selected in case you hit play on this post early in the morning. It's slow enough to listen upon waking up and shakes and bakes the day in.

Here's Monsieur Adi's new single ft. Electric Youth (from Drive OST fame) and this song just adds to how psyched we are for this frenchman's upcoming album. Beware, it's the chill side of Monsieur Adi and not your typical banger. We're not complaining and neither will you.

We featured the original Arches single and now it gets a Russ Chimes treatment and it's everything we could've wanted. In its deepness it has Russ Chimes' sound written all over it.

We don't know who Mystery Skulls but I guess that's why they got remix-master Fred Falke to work on this. The layers, the instruments, the arrangement are top notch and quite original. The commanding personality ensues this track won't go by unnoticed.

And now let's travel to warmer waters. The type that we frequent here at Bearson remixes SOHN's Lessons and it sounds a lot like Kygo maybe because of the use of some instruments together but that's not to say there's anything wrong with this. We're liking it and we're keeping an eye on this 18-year-old from Norway.

I love The Knocks' guys on a personal level and have been following the since the beginning. And maybe because I'm biased I haven't been posting their new stuff in some months. Until today. Savior featuring Ra Ra Riot's Wes Miles is just awesome-hands-in-the-air-clapping cool.

One of my favorite bands since before I started blogging about music is Goldfrapp. They are a mainstay in my 'Thinking Caps On' playlist when I was an advertising creative and it always did its job. One of the highest rated albums in my iTunes from 2010 is Goldfrapp's Head First. That's why when I heard this new single and news of an upcoming LP I was really psyched. Thea received the Twin Shadow remix and this is a perfect warm-up to TS's performance here in the DR next week.

I don't know who Banquise is but I really dig this song Be Cool. It has 80's synth pop, cool crooning and they're from Bordeaux. That's all I know. Hit play and tell me you couldn't listen to this all day long.

Now I'm gonna go full pop on you with Ghost Beach's new single Without You. It has reggae scent mixed with coconut oil. Loving the chopped vocals. This is forthcoming on their album BLONDE coming March 4.

And we're closing this post with some R&B/hip hop/whatever/sex music only Abel (The Weeknd) can do . Hot damn! The production, lyrics. F*ck. Maybe I'm biased cause I think Abel is the next coming of Michael Jackson or something but this dude's got me singing this song. Too bad I can't sing it everywhere. When you listen to the lyrics you'll understand. Now let's thank Baby Jesus for those alone moments in your car with your speakers blasting this tune.