Shock And Awe

Let's start with this song (name's too complicated for me to spell). We've been following Kav Verhouzer for some time and on this one he teams with Sophie on the vocals to deliver a track that elicits exactly the moment in their artwork. Guitar licks, sax, smooth sailing piano chords and beats that'll make you dance until.. well, the sunset.

Deepjack & Mr. Nu are on fire. It was only last week we featured a track by them and now they come with this cool ass funky and deep groove that samples the already awesome classic Baby (You're So Fine) by Brandy. Two steps to the front, two steps back and that's all the space you'll need on the dance floor to enjoy this one.

If you ask me, there's something special in Markus Spitta's We Pretend So Hard. It sounds like some of the stuff that's coming out of France but Markus comes from Germany. He's sampling the piano and the vocals and uses both as his call to yearn for that summer that can't come soon enough.

I love Clean Bandit's radio hit Rather Be but I've heard it so much that I'm almost tired of it. And then I hear DWYR's SlowJam rendition of the original and all great. Put your feet up and enjoy this delicious work of simplicity.

First of all, this song is way too short. Converse Music just put out a collaboration between Frank Ocean, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Diplo. Hot damn! What a throwback jam. It has soul, rock and even a bit of an angelical choir! The only way this song could get any better is if it were any longer.

Chances are you're almost getting tired of listening to Mr Probz's Waves—after that insanely famous dub by Rob Schulz and all. And then comes Flo Gruber in the nick of time with this remix. The highlights of this remix are the strings and bassline. If you're a DJ and you want to stand out while playing a track everyone knows—this is it.

When I hit play on this cover of Sam Smith's awesome hit single, it stopped me in my tracks. From the vocals, the arrangement, the grace, the nu pop, the organic-ness within it and, c'mon... The cherry on top: the homage to B.I.G with that famous line (won't screw the surprise in its entirety). This is gold and deserves to be listened by everyone out there. *clap* *clap* *clap* MisterWives.

Solomun's putting out some of the most haunting and forward thinking music as for 2014 remixers goes. Here's his radio edit of Broken Bells' Holding On For Life. The value here is in making a deep and kinda dark track sound so appealing to radio airplay. That's not easy and Solomun is on a roll. That last sentence is an understatement

SUNS remix of Lovestarrs Get Your Sexy On manages to step up on the already good original because of the story it tells sonically. The remix is a journey with very well defined stops in sounds and moods. Right around the halfway mark things change dramatically but cohesively. The bond is the bridge. Right before the 4 minute mark the Sun's come out (pun intended) and everyone has their hands in the air. Gold, if you ask me.

I'm a sucker for Disclosure. And when I heard what J.A.C.K did to When A Fire Starts To Burn I really dug it. He broke it, pitched it down, dub stepped it and rearranged the melody in great extent. Messing with a Disclosure track is no easy feat and this guy pulled it off.

Proving their MNEK rework was no chance of luck, XYconstant put out a single called Her Eyes and it's everything we would want from them. Signature vocal chops, basslines, and drum work.. It's if you ask me their sound and we're addicted to it.

I'm going to close off with a really cool track in both it's original and remixed form since I can't make up my mind which I like more. Klaxons are famous from years ago and now they release this original produced by Gorgon City. And there's talks that 1/2 of Chemical Brothers is in it and James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem and DFA. And then we top off this star-studded production with Claptone on the remix part. This cast justifies anything, hear it out and let me know which of the two you like best. I think either of them will hit big on the radio. Good luck getting it out of your head.