Screw #TBT, there's too much new stuff

First song of this post is one that I've been holding on for more than two weeks now. It's Tensnake's incredible remix of London Grammar's Hey Now. He takes it to the 80's and back with flare. Chopped the vocals, added a sick new bass line and some guitar licks that evoque moments of love under the sun. By the way, Tensnake's new album Glow is out and is the best $7.99 dollars you will pay in music in a long time. You can purchase it here.

Next up is fresh out of the french oven classic french pop Ella remixed by our dear friend Baptiste (better know as Zimmer) and a french friend of his. Pop rock gets a sunny vibe without losing its spirit.

Capital Cities are radio darlings and we have loved them since 2012. CliffLight remixed their single Lazy Eyes and this is what happened. A little bit of funk and a little bit of french touch.

Here's a remix of Sky Ferreira's You're Not The One that we're enjoying on its different layers. They way he chopped the vocals, the syncopated beats, the wobble of the chords and throwback mist of the handclaps.

And now on a more tropical chill out note J-Art & Madan went all Coppertone on this Ellie Goulding original by slowing it down to the righ tone of gold.

This is what a frenchman would call propre!. I don't know who Breakdlaw, Glitchfox or Schenizzl but Max Manie teamed up and came out with this groovy remix of Paint Me Like A French Girl. A song with a hook that belongs on the radio. On the bass line it has enough dirt to balance out the pop smell of the original.

By now you should know how much we dig De Hofnar and his remixes. This is his latest work with Mr. Belt & Wezol. A little outside his comfort zone for this original that delivers while staisfying tech house, sax house and deep house lovers at the same time.

I trid but I couldn't finish this post without including a four month old track that's still hot: Coucou Disco by Dim Sum.