Unwrap these tunes

Start your week fresh with these tunes you might not have heard before. 

Let's start in no particular order with J-Art  & Madan's cover of Bastille's Pompeii with the lovely vocals of Paola Bennet on it. Groovy tropical rhythms with an uplifting arpeggiated chord progression that's sure to win your hearts.

BONAPARTE is a singer that has decided to make bootlegs out of his song Into The Wild's vocal track over some pseudo-famous tracks. In this case we've selected Teemid's version and applaud this experimentation that few original artists try. This sounds like the two were made to bond together for the pleasure of our ears.

Let's take a trip down memory lane to a classic. If MJ was alive he'd be proud of this funked out version of J5's Dancing Machine. Goldblass struck gold with this one.

And then comes this OsMo guy and remixes JT's My Love. It's not new, in fact it's almost a year old, it came out last summer but somehow it stayed under the radar until now. If you ask me it's perfect timing cause we can't wait much more for the Summer of '14 to come.

Now let's make a pause here to address the highlight of today's post: Miguel Campbell's take of Rufus' Take Me. Holy f*ck. I mean, I've been a fan of Miguel's work almost as long as I've been a fan of House music. 11 years ago I saw him perform live and was struck by his passion, his knowledge and take on House music. This has to be one of the best remixes by a true House music producer I've heard in a long long time. Every single element sounds perfectly placed and used. The vocal track was slowed down yet it feels as if it was meant to be played at that speed. The subtleties like the ocean water in the background and that guitar that's almost speaking with its licks—Christ. Thanks Miguel for being alive and for staying true to your passion. Here at Yaqui.co we love you as much as we did back in '03.

Picking it up here's some modern hip hop for you produced by Montmartre. We're loving it. Check out Beat Assailant's Run.

And we're finishing today's selection with Elektromekaniks's remix of Nonono's huge radio success Pumpin Blood. Slowed down and as summer-yearning as it gets.