I ain't wit' it

Image: Murray Mitchell

Image: Murray Mitchell

We start off with a freshly baked Benny Benassi remix of Chromeo's new single Jealous. It's everything you'd expect from this big guy. The sustained chords set it up for the drop.

I'm so sorry I couldn't wait for #TBT to come soon enough. Here's the Dilemmachine Nu Disco remix of the kickass 90's I've Been Thinking About You. Call this Nu 90's if you will. We're definitely kicking it to this one here at the office. 

On first listen I wasn't hooked yet I kept coming back to it. There's something about SMILI's I Need Your Love that keeps making us feel like wanting more of it. Perhaps the same will happen to you.

I'm so glad the guys from TRUMPS sent me this on Facebook. It start kinda dark with the vocals. At around 1:19 it kicks off (literally) with what is sure to be a perfect example of the nouveau pop that's actually paying homage to the 80's. Hornets is avant-garde radio material and we believe a bright future ensues for this band. The song soars and takes it's own flight. We will keep an eye on them for you. TRUMPS is Jim, Romain and Sebastian from France. 

Hello DJ friends of Yaqui.co here's a treat. Meet Tom & Jerry (two dude behind the decks, Emre & Gunes) and their single Baby. It's a banger and it's perfect for your sets. 

There's something I can't explain about this next track that made my post it and keeps me going back to it. There's something a bit off-putting about it yet, overall, I like it. I think it has to do with the vocals that might be in another key or something. Anyway, it's the first material by II that I get to hear and I'm intrigued about what's next. Regardless of what I just mentioned, I can chill to this track and I think you can too.

Yesterday I posted a JT remix of OsMo and after I had done that I discovered his latest remix this time for Lorde. And while this remix might sound a bit too much like an Oliver Nelson treatment we will give this one the benefit of the doubt se we just like this tropical infatuation the IDM (Indie Dance Music) has been invaded by in the last 18 months or so.

While we're at it let's feature another remix about a year old by OsMo where he took on Lucas Nord vs Urban Cone's Let Us Stay Young and killed it.

My closer for today is a song I fell head over heels the first time I heard it. I won't ruin it for you. Just hit play and the feel the force of that heart-eyed Emoji possess you.