Since last time we heard each other

Copyright: Murray Mitchell

Copyright: Murray Mitchell

Since the last time we heard each other, I was in Mexico and you were here. And since then I haven't been able to post anything. So much has happened since that I lost track of many cool releases. Here is that weekend's playlist by Luis Villeta for—awesome as usual, and some other notable tracks recently released. Hope you dig them and have an awesome Easter holidays. 

Cooperated Souls released a bootleg of Banks' Bedroom Wall and I can't tell if it's because it's a Banks track or that it's so true to the original but I'm liking it.

Empty Streets is one of Late Night Alumni's classic tracks from 2005 back when Hed Kandi was the shit and this remix reminds me of awesome times. 

This slow edit of Angus & Julia Stone's Take You Away is a good song to unwind or wake up. Enjoy every second of it—no need to rush.

And now for some summertime feel good tune, here's D.O.C.S. remix of Ziggy Marley's Beach in Hawaii. Guitar riffs, congas and Ziggy—how much more tropical could it get?

We almost forgot, back when it came out we brought you Klangkarussell's über famous Netzwerk. Now it is being released with vocals and primed to take radio stations by storm. Get ready to hear this a shitload on stations around the world. This one's dubbed Falls Like Rain.

This track stands out from the start. Groove to this while you're stuck in traffic. You're bound to get stares. 

Last week we featured Alex Schulz track What You Need and he must be on a roll because a couple of days ago he released Summer Night. The cool thing is that you're lucky I didn't post the first upload because since then he's changed it. Now it only features the sax, guitar, piano and the flute. It's a free download on his Facebook page.

Pretty Pink brings her usual style to this remix of a song I can't spell. But it's really cool, trust me. 

We're glad Gamper & Dadoni ( favourites) are back at it. Check out the way they remixed The Aston Shuffle's Tear It Down. Such a departure from the original and it works so damn well.

Very few people know Andrey Keyton and even fewer have heard his take on this radio hit by One Republic. He takes the original to the club—a mid 90's club that is. 

Our Lucas Nord (we've covered him so much he seems family now) is out with a new song called Wasting Time and it's quite different from his usual works as of late. We're enjoying so much the layers yet simplicity of it. Spacial grooves with a cool vocal and some samples here and there. Perfect concoction to chill out without falling asleep. 

And here's your long awaited Weekend Playlist from last week. Sorry about that.