Songs for your Easter Weekend

Greetings from paradise my friends. It's sunny, warm and groovy where I am. Here's a pretty mixed up selection of some new things out these past few days. Some of them might sound a lot like the place you're in right now. I'm on vacations for the holidays so—since I don't know when I'll post next (might be tomorrow or next week) here's a good amount of material to sift through.

Phil & Simon aka MYNGA gave Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx's Nightcall their treatment and it sounds like if you gave extasis to the leader of a marching band on the dance floor. So cool.

Summer is approaching and so the plethora of summer-evoking tracks come about. JazzyFunk's Celebrate is the start to your journey into the summer. With downtempo synths and a bass line with its own personality here's to 2014's summer.

This is the freshest thing in R&B/Soul I've heard so far in 2014. Reach Out by Mad Satta makes the heart grow fonder. Composed by the drummer Zane West and with Mad Satta & Joanna Teters on the vocals this song sounds as perfect as they come. Or used to. Yeah, used to. We don't get enough of songs like these anymore these days. 

So The SAME decided to sample Alice Phoebe Lou's Grey and this is what came out. I know they're called The SAME but just like their other work—it couldn't be more different.

JUUN teamed up with the incredible Sam Smith to cook up an awesome song titled When It's Alright. Oh, let me add that JUUN just came out of nowhere—that said, from the sound of this they're gonna be big. I'd also like to point out that this song is catchy as fuck. You'll be singing in your head for days after a single play.

You know his name because we've covered his recent work here and now we get Elektromekanik's new single from Victor—the man behind the act. Since I couldn't describe it better than he did:

With 'Footsteps', he's crafted a light hearted and relaxing summer day dream. Listen for upbeat synth stabs, interspersed with subtle guitar licks, white noise, and vocals out of a Washed Out track. This one is for Sunday mornings, afternoon naps, and sunbathing by the pool.

Check out the guitar riffs, the bass slaps, and piano on this one. #Mali's Save Us makes you wanna dance frantically while it transports you to a place far far from where you are. Oh, funny fact, #Mali is from the land that gave us Borat—Kazakhstan.

Today, after I hit the beach, I'm definitely winding down with this tune by the house pool as the sun sets. And that's all I have to say about this piece of awesomeness.

This song is by no means new. In fact it's 9 months old. But I heard it and it stopped me in my tracks. While I was listening to it I heard about the story behind it and I was so taken away by the sonic journey and the story that it just won me over. I think this can be classified into orchestral house or something. Who cares anyway. Hit play and take off. Here's the story:

I was composing some string-melodies. As my father heard it, he took his Indian-Flut and started to play. It sounded so nice that I decided to record it. :) And so we recorded it in my bedroom/Studio. 

FYI — Anpetuwi means 'sun'.

Vario Volinski is a household name here at and now he gives us his rendition of a song we love by Raleigh Ritchie—you all know it—Bloodsport. Check out this deep house madness. Can't believe this is an unmastered version. Sounds pristine. 

In other exciting news,  Macs Cortella has brought about a bootleg of Cat Power's (I can't get no) Satisfaction

Paul Blaise's alias NHYX has been covered for more than a year in this blog and I believe he hasn't gotten the exposure he deserves. On his version of Someone Like You he does his flute thing when he's not on the sax-house wagon. This version is so complete it even has eagle cries somewhere in there. Don't believe me? Hit play.

On Freddy Verano's version of Indila's Derniere Danse you'll find one of the coolest basslines you've heard in a while. There's a mixture of genres and epochs in this track and he ties all ends with cohesion.

Here's an interesting summertime sadness song for you. DWYR took Janelle Monae's What Is Love and apparently convinced it to make sweet love to Jonas Rathsman or something because it has his scent all over it. We're seriously loving this track on various levels.

Wankelmut's Wasted So Much Time got the N'to treatment and while it sits at the more chill area of house it stands as a good story that sounds great no matter the time of day. There's a very misleading bridge as the song reaches the 3 minute mark. I just love songs that every few seconds give me something new to cheer about. New melodies, new elements and the song never gets boring and it's always a discovery. I appreciate this as a listener and it takes effort from the producer.

Here's a nice surprise. Gigamesh's remix of Junior Jack's Thrill Me. I say nice surprise because this remix is not predictable. And while it contains the elements that come from Gigamesh's unquestionable talent, I find it's quite a departure from his usual stuff. Just when I thought this guy was sticking to his successful formula he comes with this. It even has some trap in it and it is so so subtle you can barely notice it. We welcome the freshness of this remix with open arms and shades in our eyes—it's scorching hot.

I'm gonna end on a high note with this one. Two words: LykkeLi + Klangkarussel. Need I say more? Prft!