Midway Selection

We stop the week midway to bring you a fresh selection from the interwebz. And I Love Him is a track I found starting the an Armada Deep House Compilation—I think Volume 2.

KANT's Never You Mind is a song that makes you feel like time traveling to special, dark and gloomy places. Naked vocals over finger-snapping, ad-libs and a bassline with the personality of Tom Jones.

I'm more addicted to Who Needs Real Life, Anyway than I'd like to admit. I can't stop replaying it over and over again. Miles Prower is releasing this as part of his Summer EP forthcoming. We can't wait. Put this while traveling on a highway and let me know how it goes.

Oliver Nelson. Need I say more? No. Hit play and dance.

NY resident Venezuelan native Patafunk remixed a kickass true House track aptly titled House Music. I'm loving this guy's works as of late. We've covered some of his previous work before. This remix belongs in the MP3 of resident DJs at Brunch Clubs like Bagatelle in NYC & St Barths, Supper Clubs in the Dominican Republic like SUD and small hipster bars in its Colonial Zone. If you're a DJ and you play house, this one's a must on your selection.

Speaking of Patafunk, I'm including his newest original release featuring Quazar on vocals. He dub's it NYC Electro Disco but this is a power play wherever you put it. 

A big yes for Last Lynx and their new track Curtains. The boy-girl harmonies sound awesome with the pitch-bent keys and main melodies. Scandinavian Pop at its best. 

Fresh out the oven EFIX & ALLISON covered the much played Pharrell anthem Happy and it's a work of art. We love it at its bones. Quite possibly this is the only version I can currently hear of this song.

Jean Tonique made this on a train 3 years ago. He plays it almost every time and now so can we.

We close up with Scheinizzl's The Anthem. An amalgam of sounds from the world that unite under a deep house club mix.