The more things change the more they stay the same.

In life, not in music IMHO. Thank god. 

We start off with MÖWE's new original track called You Make Me Feel Good. It features vocals by them and lyrics from Stardust's Music Sounds Better With You.

Add this one to you summer playlist.

Where did Y.V.E 48 come from? I don't know, apparently from Dusseldorf, Germany. They say they make music for the road and that's about all I know about them. Here's the one-and-only track posted to their Soundcloud page.

We featured Niklas Thal recently and he's on a roll with this remix of Nils Fraser's Right Or Wrong feat. the lovely Raven on the vocals.

Here's usual suspect Florian Paetzold's edit of Summer Jam. Also to be added to your Summer Playlist. 

With his singing guitar trademark Kav Verhouzer brings us a new song called It's All Good and it's just that. Hit play and tell me I'm wrong. If I'm not crazy, I think the "It's all good" sample is from Biggie.

We're fans of Sammy Bananas' bootlegs and today he posted this new one of John Legend's Dreams. It picks up the original without losing its panache. The grooviness starts after the 1 minute mark. Feel free to crash around a pool or beach to this one.

FHR just released their remix of Savoir Adore's Beating Hearts and from the guitar licks of it—it sounds like a hit to us.

Here's an official remix due out on the EP's release by Wilfred Giroux. Chopped vocals, deep house pleaser for the dance floor.

I'm not fond of the original. I can appreciate it but I think it's overrated. That said, Le Mélomane sent me this on a Souncloud message and I'm glad he did. Could be about the only version of that song that I can listen to right now.

It's obvious by now you know we're big fans of Joris Voorn. Well, he surprised us today with his remix for LykkeLi's kickass new single No Rest For The Wicked. The Unique Selling Proposition of this remix? It's omnipresence. 

And for all you melodic Big Room lovers here's a treat to dance your ass off this Friday. Enjoy your banger with some Indie Street Cred.