From Sunday to Monday in one playlist and some tracks

I've been waiting for this new Keljet song's release for some time. Here it is. Pre-Summer anthem for y'all. It's Nu-Disco/Indie Dance/Wanna-be-pop and it belongs in any forward thinking dance playlist.

The Frost's remix of Tesla Boy's Dream Machine has some conga, tamboras, 80's synths, bass slaps and guitar riffs that have the travel power of a Concorde. 

Nebbra's remix of Manotett's Felt Like You surely has the word surprise written all over it. It's pleasantly unpredictably fresh. Those trumpets, that brass, the way the vocals were chopped and the influences from different eras it has... 

It was only when I heard a second remix by Parisian Nu Disco producer Nebbra that I understood his sound. The magic point lies in the intersection of genres that unusually are found together—say, drum'n'bass, a bit of trap and some french Nu Disco. Here's proof: check out the departure from Neil Davidge's vocals and the production underneath.

Did I hear you say you were tired of listening to Katy Perry's Roar on the radio? Oh well then fret no more. Here's a slow burning Nu Disco version of it by Swedish producer Ghassemi. Be sure to check his Soundcloud page for more awesome sounds.

XINOBI says this is one of his personal favorite remixes he has ever done. When you hit play it is quite clear why he says that. We agree.

Here's one of the best cover's I've heard lately. It is Calvin Harris' Summer as covered by Filous featuring Kitty Gorgi's beautiful vocals. Even while preserving some chord progression but replacing the original instrument this cover manages to be a totally different song. 

We hope you're not tired of us posting Alex Schulz's works but we can't help it—he has a knack for cooking stuff like these:

If—like me—you can't seem to listen another time LDR's SS (let's all thank Cedric Gervais for that) then you're in luck. Tez Cadey slows it down and keeps it groovy sexy with this remix.

Robin Schulz's bootleg of Waves arguably became more popular than the original. Here's another version of a cover by AxMod. Percussions and summer-laden flutes galore.

Sunday Lovers Playlist (#014)

And here's last Sunday's Sunday Lovers playlist. Luis got inspired as the week came to a close and cooked up one of his best playlist's (IMHO). 

Fresh Highlight

If you can almost taste the sample used here, you've got good taste: Hall & Oates baby!