The Dopamine Surge

I get a dopamine surge every time I listen to a new cool find in music. If you'd like to know what caused it today, check out these songs. From old school to nu school, from BANKS to Summer-yearning tunes—there's a bit for everyone.

First things first so we can get my bias out of the way. BANKS released a new single and I lost my shit. Produced by Lil Silva BANKS slow (and painful) way of showcasing herself through original productions is leading to the release of her debut album in (October or something? Fuck that's a long time). Anyway, the title track is out today. The trademark harmonies over the avant-garde melodies that both SOHN & Lil Silva have sealed her productions with are present. Her ability to curse with such tenderness and her lyrics' crisp-ness is sure one of her unique identifiers. I'll stop now so you can go ahead and loose your shit too.

Two or three posts ago I featured the original version but it is this remix the highlight of the remix package. Funkerman sets the tone for the remix with the personality that relates the most to our taste. Keljet boys have a big summer hit with this one. 

GRADES remixed Brandy like 3 months ago and it was all the rage on the Majestic Casual Youtube channel when it premiered. Somehow it passed by our radar unnoticed. I was going to leave this one for #TBT but fuck it. It's sexy, it's cool and it takes me back to growing up in the 90's. 

Everyone remember's Cassius' The Sound Of Violence. It's a classic. Like summer, it is never out of fashion and never gets old. In this one Felix Jaehn & Freddy Verano (two producers we usually support here) sampled this classic and cooked up an awesome version for that new/throwback Summer 2014 playlist. 

Lucas Chambon is from Aix-en-provence in France (a place I fell head-over-heels in my last summer in the South of France) and he just released a kickass remix of Biggie's Big Poppa. A Deep House-influenced rendition of a classic.

I felt like most of the Summer Jams I've been posting lately have been slow burners. So, decided to share this banger for you—you know, for when the party meets the weather's temperature.

So, the lovely Moxie covers Disclosure's Latch and Jaasu continues on his spree of creative songs produced with hooks and samples from famous songs. Here's the result. Deep House for when the sun's setting.

The only complain we have this this Gostan edit of Lorde's Team is that it is too darn short. We want an extended edit or something.

Bit Funk has a knack for kicking ass and chart topping with his remixes and we believe this work for Nameless' 7 Days In The Sun is no exception. Kicks, snares, claps and good vibe are some of the trademark elements of a Bit Funk production and they are all present here.