Far from #TBT but close to shore. *Repost*

This selection's freshness couldn't be farther from a #TBT. 

First off we have my friend from LA Greg Templeton's remix of Just Friends' Don't Tell Me. Being one of the West Coast front-runners of this now popular tropical disco movement, Templeton knows a thing or two about hitting the sweet spot with his productions. He takes it deep and sexy but always groovy. The contrast between the happy piano chords and deep bass line really shine.

I don't usually find kickass R&B remixes, but when I do, they sound like this LeMarquis remix. Hot damn! Clap and dance baby.

I think it's been a while since I last wrote about an option4 track. This one's got something in it that I can't explain but it is stuck in my head. That hook.

Ok so I lied early in the post. Here's the Giraffage remix of Stardust's classic.

Here's a remix of tropical proportions. The way Sebastien Faure introduces the elements feels as natural as the palm tree that it evoques. 

Even though We Left was released some time ago, it is this Night Version of the original that we're digging a shitload. Hit play and understand why.

If tropical disco and trap had a kid, this would be the result.

Tropical songs galore and come in bulk these days. But very few evoque panache, finesse and glamour like Loverdose's Alkapone (Summer Edit). Best served on a beach picnic with white linen, a bottle of Dom Vintage 1983, Beluga and Fine de Claire #3 oysters (I got tears in my eyes just writing this). After the picnic, hop on the sailboat and go where the wind takes you.

Before we get sunburnt, let's take a night drive with Sasha's remix of Hey Now. I think it's been almost 15 years since I've been a fan of this producer and after seeing him countless times live and following his work for more than a decade I can tell you he doesn't stop surprising me. Reinventing yourself sticking to your trademark taste is ket.

This song has some kickass vocals, over finger-snapping and sax infused melodies. The road home from the beach deserves the best. By the way, world, meet BUNT: Two students (Levi & Nicolas) who love music.

Then Lexer treats us with this rainy-day cocktail of Summer Blues. 

We close with King Midas himself TOURIST and his remix of We Are Fine. Until next time.