Spotlight: Black Space

Meet Black Space. Another young producer born in 1995 (again, I don't know what they put in the water in late '94) from Geneva. His influences are Kygo and Thomas Jack and he loves guitars, pianos and flutes. So if you like any of the things and people I just mentioned you're gonna love his sounds. 

Don't get fooled by the name, his productions couldn't be any shinier yet on the chill side of House music.

In this Stay With Me remix he favors his loving flutes and pitch-bent melodies all under choir-like claps.

On January he remixes Bridget Davis + The Vikings Kings. With her vocals and she carries the song with morning glory under the strings. 

Figure Out Your Love is one of his latest originals released only a month ago featuring vocalist Yann Menge. The bass line is a differentiator as it rides on the waves of his style.

Sorcha Richardson's original Birds Of Summer is a piece of sonic beauty. Her vocals and a guitar tell the story of some kickass lyrics. Black Space took the slow burner and flipped it into this Deep House gem. 

Here's an older piece with Yann on the vocals. A lush and dreamy intro give way to some congas and some deep bass lines.