Freshly Pressed

We start of a super tropical remix of Destiny's Child's Say My Name. The idea of it is cheesy but the result is genius. Soon you'll be hearing this in that hip restaurant you keep visiting on a weekly basis. Emoce killed it on this one.

Continuing on the R&B wagon we get this remix of Brandy's hit by none other than LeMarquis. Only a week ago after we were the first to post his previous remix, it topped the Popular chart on Hype Machine for 2 days straight. This one is bound for a similar fate. 

It's only hours ago that Sllash posted to his SC this new remix of LDR. But like the winds you can hear in this remix, unlike the plethora of remixes out there, this one travels to warmer climes. The dance floor is surrounded by percussions and deep bass. This remix features some male harmonies that I'm guessing must be Sllash's own. 

Meet Franne, a German from a village called Dreasen in former East-Germany. His previous alias was Etax but he put that one aside because he didn't fancy the dub step sound anymore. Now he crafts chill house like a passion, in his free time from his final exams. He tells me the piano is his favorite instrument and the source of inspiration for his productions. This edit with its percussions strike just the right amount of energy for a track not to go over the chill house level. We hope to hear more from this guy.

If Klingande, Kygo, Thomas Jack and Avicii's trademark bomb sound had a child, this would be it. If you like ANY of those artists I mentioned, you're going to love this. The only thing I don't like about it is the sort-of-abrupt end.

I do not know what happened in 1995 in France but the amount of 19-year-old french producers right now is startling. Lets be thankful for whatever they put in the water in late 1994. 

Dig FAUL and the rest of the sax-house clan attempting to take over the world? Then you might dig Nicolas Haelg. Next To You is full of handclaps, a guitar that tries to sing and a sax that is a camera whore—or is it speaker whore in this case? Don't miss the vocals. Someone's trying to channel James Brown in his younger years.

Mathias Reif is to Nico & Vinz' Am I Wrong what Robin Schulz is to Mr Probz's Waves. Heck, they even sound similar, well, on parts. If you dig it you can download it for free.

GuitK sends me this collaboration he did with french producer Mandeh of Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers. Thanks to La Pornophonique we get this redux that touches different influences from genres quite apart. The piano and the vocals make the song but at its heart is that kick and snare.

We featured Samuel's first works only 6 days ago and he's back with a new remix for Capital Cities. If you like it please vote for it on the Indaba Contest here and support this new talent.  

The closer for today is Love Story by Le Sexe Faible (the weaker sex). There's something chilled and melodic about this production but nothing weak here. It's disco with some funk over a chilled bed. Yes, that's what it is.