Feeling like R&B


We start with Sohight & Cheevy's remix of Outlines' Now That I'm Free. When you've got the head of the WU TANG teaming up with Irfane, the vocalist behind Outlines, c'mon. Now shake and bounce your head to this.

Truth be told, this sounds like some Future R&B type 'o jam. Sing it to her.

When I first heard the new single from Poldoore I was taken away by it. This jazzed up hip hop tune hit me. So much freshness along with the lyrics' crispness. If you've heard it all before, dedicate this one to that special someone. This is next level hip hop, if I may say so.

I'm not the biggest fan of Trap but this VILLAGE remix has just the right amount of it to raise it to another level of sonic personality. He mixes this trap influence with some galaxy sounds of a starred night. For the boldness of trying to mix two things that are so apart from each other, we salute you VILLAGE with this pick.

DJ Cassidy, Robin Thicke, Jessie J, Sammy Bananas — all in one song. If this was 2015 it would be on all radio stations and covered by all the Top 40 blogs. Since it is 2014 it is our job to bring this dance floor killer to your ears.

Two things I don't understand: 

1. Why does no other blog cover the incredible talent of newcomer Aytac Kart?

2. Why does Aytac Kart keep posting previews and snippets? At last here's a complete song and the reason we can finally feature his work.

Let's Get High is a great vocal deep house track delivered excellently with a nu disco vibe to go with it.

Yaqui.co favorite KRONO released a new single a few days ago featuring Lijie called SuperStar. If you're a fan of the KRONO sound you'll love it. What's fresh about it? It has a kickass drop and it's a bit more poppy than his usual work. This is something that could own radio stations—if only they supported up and coming new artists.

So, Victoria covered Imagine Dragons' Radioactive. And then Henri Pfr & Hësling do a chill house version of it. But don't think for a second this is a song to soundtrack your pre-sleep playlist. At the one minute mark, when the guitar riffs introduce Victoria's vocals, don't be surprised if it has taken your breath away. And the drop with that drumroll. *prft*

Enjoy this Boral Kibil original with sandals on your feet as you watch the sun go down. 

Even if you're not a fan of Boyce Avenue and what they did to all those Pop songs, you might dig this Tontario Edit of Briane. It has a Summer feeling with seagulls and everything.