Le Déjeuner

Today we start off with a song I've been wanting to desperately write about since yesterday morning. Ferdinand Weber is a household name here at Yaqui.co but this time he has teamed up with fellow german production duo Dinnerdate for a wonderful and blissful tune where the sustained chord progressions tell the story the vocals compliment. 

Before TEEMID was famous we were talking about him and now he releases his take on Kylie Minogue's Love At First Sight—this time featuring Julia on the vocals. The orchestral strings give this remake the character it deserves.

Jeff Sontag just released a kickass tune called I Know. The interesting sound comes from his bare-poppy timbre mixed with the deep bass and the melody underlying it. The song tells the story of a guy that knows what his girl is here for this time around—because he's known it all along.

Today's almost-mainstream Tropical tune of the day is Thomas Jack's take on Gabriel Rios' Gold. There's nothing to say about Thomas Jack, he's up there with the Kygos of the world flying solo. His sound is an influence on new young producers getting in on the whole Tropical House sub-genre.

I have a very special relationship with La Roux. I loved her album 6 years ago and hated her 5 year hiatus. I loved everything about her. I guess I still do, because I love this new single Let Me Down Gently. Her vocals are as tight as always and the emotion still oozes from it. The production is slightly different from her previous stuff but it truly sounds like an evolution towards fresh territories and audiences.

And Ely, you're so cool, it's not even funny.

If you're a DJ who plays deep house and you suddenly get an obnoxious visitor requesting a OneRepublic track in the middle of your set, look no further to please mainstream audiences while retaining your coolness to Steve Hope and Herr Vogel's new tune. They sample OneRepublic's radio hit Counting Stars and take it to the deep end.

Somehow Kaytranada still manages to make 'editions' of some popular some not-so-popular tunes with his trademark sound without sounding repetitive. That's why we're featuring today this track that everyone and their mothers has featured/written/posted about. 

What would a Thursday post be without a #TBT? Our for today comes by the hand of Freddy Verano and his tropical sounds. The edit is so organic you can still feel the vinyl cracking sounds of the needs against the record. To be played in every single beach lounge around the world. If you've been looking for a jam that can make your parents appreciate the music you're listening to—this is the song to do it with. 

I don't know who Midside is but Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack make up Why Oak and this Midside remix is kicking.

Let the last of the coal burn and make ashes with this remix of Alice Russell's Hurry On Now. It's a work of art. French Kiwi Juice at its freshest and best. Those fucking vocals on that chilled out hot bed of sounds only FKJ knows how to bring together.