For the upcoming summer nights


Since we were the ones to introduce you to Le P, it's only fair we're the ones to break his new remix. This time he slows down his usual tropic madness for an evening jam session remix of The 1975's Falling For You. It is exquisite on all fronts from the guitar to the xylophone. He wanted me to tell you it is a remix made for the upcoming summer nights.

Dinnerdate treats us a chill vibed track to continue on this hopefully-endless nights. 

If this Kygo remix of James Blake's Limit To Your Love is not perfect timing and fit for this post—I don't know what is.

If for some reason the night turns into something else, please slip this one the speakers. Hip Hop at its best (B-I-G baby) with a tropical sax vibe and some ad-libs. Matoma killed it.

Everything about this remix is special. Even the BPM (120.15). With pitched down original vocals, some guitar and extra keys and it's a lovable tropical slow burner.

Climax is reached with this Vijay & Sofia remix of Sex On Fire. I won't ruin it for you, hit play.