No filler monday

Since apparently you guys just can't get enough of his thing, here's your Matoma fix of the day: A mashup of tropical proportions of Snoop Dogg & Leona Lewis. Meet a Gangsta Bleedin' Luv:

Trey Songz's Na Na was a radio hit everywhere around the world. But it is this Deep House rendition of the R&B original that's pressing all the right buttons on us. Cédric Zeyenne comes from Zurich and killed it with this one. It's forthcoming on Atlantic Records on May 19.

Meet Médéric

His real name is Arnaud and his last name must be Tropical. Love Will Never Do (LWND) is the first collaboration of Médéric and his friend Zacou Le Croquant and it came out with some funked out tropical flavors and a disco touch. 

The second track Sunrise is a Sunscreen-ladden melodious nu disco track with a lovely vocal.

Symphony Used To Color Knowledge or S.U.C.K is my new find this morning. In it, he teams up with Love Mansuy and on Pilot they hit it big. This track has stopping power from the start. The vocals are powerful and heartfelt and the song takes its time before thumping the 4/4 on the dance floor. In the words of Pete Tong, this track is LA

We must be one of the earliest supporters of Chris Malinchak on the blogosphere and he must be one of our favorite producers of the past 2-3 years. That said, this is so different from everything else he has done that the thought of it scared me. Until I hit play. Then I was taken away by it. I fell head over heels and I know you will too. Mikky Ekko's vocals are incredible on top of Chris' production. It's like he's channelling MJ and Chris, Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. Thanks YourMusicRadar for putting this one on our radar. 

Ficci's Breathe You In feat. Laura Hahn is an incredible instrumental with wonderful vocals over it. 

I want to just breathe you in,
from the pain and the heartache, the mind and the skin and your 
truth's guilt underneath all the lies and the walls that you built.

If you haven't heard it before, here's the Penguin Prison remix of BROODS' Bridges. I love the original but overplayed it. And now, with this remix, I'm ready to rape that Play button again. Thanks YMR.

With Bakermat and Klingande, Naxxos is one of the biggest producers and precursors of the sax/trumpet house movement coming from the West and his track New Orleans is being released on Spinnin' and we're loving especially this remix by Sam Feldt. You know I'm not the kind to post snippets but we can't wait 'til June.

No fillers today, just plain good new tunes. Enjoy.