How does it feel like?

When things don't go as planned, when someone you know lost his dad to a stroke just after sharing breakfast with him? Sometimes —and I guess this is my optimism— I think these are specific moments when the universe shifts its pace and corrects its course. Whatever that means. I better get to my daily shit here.

This SmokeStacks song has a big air to it without being pompous. Dimond Saints reworks it to a deep soulful bass monster with strings and harmonies that own the room on which it is played.

Madilyn Bailey covers Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' Can't Hold Us and then Nick Kech makes this bootleg of that with such care that it sounds like an original production. At least a remix, but far from a bootleg. It's available as a free download, so grab it.

If Basic Tape had not gone as far as they did on this remix versus the original I would have never posted it. I'm sure that his effort is not only appreciated by me but by you too.

Since I couldn't explain it any better, here it is:

'Everywhere' is what happens when a Melbourne producer named Julian Maverick gets together with an event planner, DJ, and newfound producer, named Yewplay. Together, they've taken samples from Fleeetwood Mac's 'Everywhere' and turned it into a laid back tropical jam with electro undertones.

We love UK band Mausi and we were waiting impatiently for something new. What better than "My Friend Has a Swimming Pool"? The only thing cooler than the fact is this song.

Hot damn! What a kickass remix Lushington gives us of Second City's I Wanna Feel. The way he chopped the vocals and kicked it back to 90's bass-kickin' grooves makes you want to dance frantically.

We always like to keep things fresh here at so here's a Nu Disco/Deep House song with a different approach. The balance between Pop, Deep House and a guitar that wants to be rock but its sexyness will never let it be.

One day ago, a couple years ago, I was like follower #12 of Le Roi Crocodile on Soundcloud. That was back in 2012 when he released Youth Decay. I don't remember if I ended up posting that track but I do remember following him and thinking he would hit it big one day. His sound has matured over these 2 years. He was 16-years-old back then and like him, his sound is as legit as it gets.