Between one thing and the other


For some reason our blog is related to Jabberwocky if you ask Google and Wikipedia. I think it's because we were the first and one of the few blogs that supported their stuff some time ago. Anyway, here they are at last with something new, Pola, featuring Clara Cappagli

This single finds french JBBRWCK in another musical realm with some basic elements that give a hint of their previous stuff. 

By way of Seoul's Glen Check comes a fresh new sun-soaked remix of Goldroom's hit Embrace. This should sound well once you've included it in your Summer 2014 playlist.

This official remix for Peking Duk's High by Yahtzel had my attention from the beginning. The percussion elements from the Xylophone to the marimba and Nicole Millar's vocals is just a perfect concoction of rhythms, influences and genres. 

This rework of the 90s classic (I grew up in the 90s and had KWS's CD so, I might be a bit biased here) is a killer. It stays on the bright side yet the bass pulls it down to deeper grounds. Maybe it's the melancholy, maybe it's the fake crowd SFX, maybe it's just that good -- but I love it. I'm keeping an eye on Xtopher.

Meet Funky Past, he's an 18-year-old swedish producer that took a jab at Marvin Gaye's 1969 Too Busy Thinking About My Baby. It's on the chill house movement and rides the waves of time with much ease if you ask me.

Yesterday Daze released a new EP and it includes everything from R&B to Nu-Funk. It's ear candy for those of us who yearn for new sounds and genre-bending tunes. Leaning Off Your Love features the cool vocals of A'Maal Nuux.

y the way, what a kickass artwork.

Where Are You Now finds our young friend Lost Frequencies on a tour through Summerland. The tail piano chords with the synths and Chesqua's vocals and that pitch-bent melodious keys... When the drop comes in everything falls into place. It's a dramatic rise that satisfies at its tipping point. 

Here's a bonus, his bootie of Red Hot Chili Pepper's Snow. Throwback baby.

Jeremy & Axel's Møme project is from a place I have fallen in love with many summers again and again in the French Riviera: Nice. And like the peculiarities of life in the Côte d'Azur, Edelweiss has many influences lying within yet the distinct smell of a place that can't be far from a beach is always present.

Out of the oven right now by way of THUMP comes option4's new remix of Donell Jones' U Know What's Up. It sounds like it was made for a club that coincidently is near a beach. Make no mistake, this track has a personality of its own and a commanding presence wherever it is played. 

I'd like to finish with a kicker I got from Thomas Jack's latest mixtape. It's Tube & Berger's remix of NiCe7's Time To Get Physical. Amazing production and taste behind it, I truly think it showcases their talent. It's out now on the much respected label Defected Records.