The Pressure Cooker

The first track of today's selection is a remix of an original that I loved from the moment I heard it. Xandl's Wanna Give You My Love is one of the coolest deep house tunes of 2014 -- at least it's one of my favorites. And the stellar Klar & PF (producers I have been supporting since I was a writer at EMPT) take us disco dancing at chill but a tad faster pace than their usual stuff.

This EP in its entirety is a MUST BUY, every single song and variant is excellent. First I fell in love with the Patrick Podage (I'm having a hard time picking the one I like most), then the Mark Lower remix and now this Klar & PF. I ended up purchasing the whole EP on iTunes.

Here's the link: iTunes

JackLNDN slows down the original radio hit and turns it into a Nu Disco gem with a deep groove.

Louis La Roche sprinkled some of his gold dust on this Max Frost track. Great feeling, great vocal chops and overall uplifting summer vibe on this one.

Check out this slow burner from Satin Jackets to your heart. Better served poolside as the sun sets.

About the only words I can use to describe what Sir Solomun did here is: a higher state of production. If you let yourself be taken away by it, this remix will make you feel like a marionette. Hit play and go places you've never been before. There's a surprise in this train's every single stop.

Wolves is Digitalism's comeback since a couple of years ago. The progression and arrangement of this track make it a de facto set starter. The second drop is even better after the bridge. 

Lexer just released the perfect mixture of melodious deep house. The piano after the 1 minute mark and the mini drop that follows is a smooth sailing journey into after-hours dancing. 

If you're an assiduous reader of you'll know about my falling out with Progressive House music after being and early and steady fan for years. That's why you hardly ever see my support for a prog house tune unless its special. Such is the case with White Panda' and Gazzo's take on Sam's La La La. You see, the summer vibe and the Chainsmokers-like Electro influence to it make it a candidate for a good two thumbs up from us. Especially the main synth lead arrangement. Quite fresh. At least fresher than most shit prog house out there. 

This one sounds a  bit low on volume, maybe needs mastering or the version uploaded to Soundcloud isn't that good. Anyway, Good Night Keaton is back with a song for the road and the sun. Enjoy their take on Wunder Wunder's Coastline.

Being the precursors and supporters that we are of the whole sax/flute house from the very beginning two years ago, here's our selection for today's chill, tropical, deep and sexy house song for your endless summer days. Meet Mi Ka from the Netherlands -- I think.