Ain't Nuthin But A G Thang. In the summertime.

A Hip Hop classic made for the summertime? With killer acoustic and electric guitar solos? Fuck yeah! This is almost a year old and it sounds as fresh as if it was squeezed yesterday.

If you've been looking for that long lost paradise out there? Search no more, I have found it in Knightley's remix of Stay With Me. It comes with the waterfall and the chirping birds—just like you dreamt it. To the 3 Stay With Me remixes on the Popular chart of Hype Machine: move over, cause here comes Knightley's take.

There's so much funk and french touch on this Steph Seroussi remix of the Pharrell produced I Was Gonna Cancel, that I don't know where to start praising it. This was made for Indie Radio Heaven. It's sticky as fuck and so naturally woven together that it truly sounds like an original mix. 

Have you been yearning for some 80's synth wave? Search no more and hit play. 

Speaking about Tommy '86... Can you imagine a Throwback to two different decades—at the same time? This is it:

EFIX & FLINT are two young producers from Montpellier, France and their take on Steffen Linck's Sticks & Stones is just Chill Pop Heaven. Downtempo bliss if you ask me. 

Lets see if you fancy Matoma's take on A-ha's classic the same way you did his Biggie and Axwell remixes. 

Hip Hop classic redux. Let's take it back to '05.

Otnicka's remix of Tesla Boy's Dream Machine is a festival of drums and bass lines with shiny percussions together. A welcome departure from the original. 

I know nothing about VOYAGEUR, except that he's from London. He sent me a SC message with this track saying 'thanks for listening x' and that's it. The song spoke by itself. From the title to the production, we're digging the ground this dude is walking in.

Chromeo, Solidisco, need I say more? I am wit' it. This is chromed gold.